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Welcome to Kaaredyret.dk - a privately-run and privately-funded freeware website.


A section with links for templates & tutorials and help for OpenOffice.org, information about the ongoing development and links to official download pages. Please observe that LibreOffice and OpenOffice are completely compatible products. All tips, templates and extensions on this site should work with either of them.

Free desktop PC software

Imagine replacing all your costly software with free alternatives. This is the free software I personally recommend.

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3.3 of OpenOffice.org is finally here!
Whats new? New narrow font family, 1 million rows in a spreadsheet, new common search toolbar, new print interface, increased document protection in Writer and Calc and more! Download now.

Image showing screenshot of OpenOffice.org Writer

is a complete free office suite for Microsoft Windows and OS X. OpenOffice.org sports a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation package, a database application and an advanced illustration program. Learn more... 


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Please don't mail me asking for OpenOffice.org support. For kind (and fast!) assistance please ask your questions at OOoforum.org. Thanks! :-)

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