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• •  OOo  TOOLS AND  MACROS  • •

Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office
"The Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office gives users of Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint the ability to read, edit and save to the ISO-standard Open Document Format
(ODF 1.2). Works with Microsoft Office 2000, XP,
2003 and Office 2007"

OpenOffice.org Extension Repository

Extensions, which add functionality or slight tweaks to the user interface or entirely new features to OpenOffice.org.

OpenOffice Enterprise

OpenOffice-Enterprise manages OpenOffice using standard Windows Group Policy tools, including Active Directory, Microsoft Management Console and the Group Policy Editor.

OOoMacros is a repository for OpenOffice.org macros/add-ins, and documentation about writing macros and/or extending OpenOffice.org.
OOo document Viewer - Visioo Viewer
Stand alone viewer for OOo Writer documents
AODC - OpenDocument Converter
AODC will convert OpenDocument text
documents into HTML files

Media convert
Convert between even more formats.

SVG import
Converts SVG vector images to OpenDocument format

LanguageTool grammar checker

An Open Source language checker for English, German, Polish, Dutch, and other languages. 

Works as extension.

OOoLilyPond is a macro for OpenOffice.org that simplifies the integration of music notation Writer or Impress.
OpenOffice 2.0 in Eclipse
A plugin integrating OpenOffice.org 2.0 in Eclipse

ooo2dbk (OpenOffice.org to DocBook converter)

OOo2DBK is an OpenOffice.org document to DocBook XML converter. It can produce both DocBook article and DocBook book documents.

OOo document text search utility

Find a word, part of a word, or a phrase. Search multiple documents in a directory. Search document metadata
(i.e. properties, like author, etc.)

TextSTAT produces word frequency lists
and concordances from OOo files.

OOo Extras

This site offers clipart, macros and
templates for OpenOffice.org

OpenOfficeInfo 1.2.2

Total Commander plugin that displays
properties of OOo documents.

Portable Apps
Carry OOo around on a USB key etc.

ODF Add-in for Microsoft Word
The goal for this project is to provide an Add-in

to Microsoft Word 2007 to allow opening and saving OpenDocument format (ODF) files.

O O o   R E L A T E D   W E B S I T E S


This site is used to collaborate on
OpenOffice.org documentation.


Wiki on building and hacking on OOo


Home of the 8daysaweek UK Thesaurus

Free assistance to anyone learning or teaching OpenOffice


Tutorials/Descriptions / Introductions / HowTo's

"Training, consulting and learning materials"

Book design with OpenOffice

Use of Writer and Ghostscript Ps2pdf "Distiller" for the writing, complete layout and final production of PDF files. This is for books with complex structures, requiring tables of contents, tables of other things, indexes of various kinds, footnotes, bibliographies, etc.

"The OpenOffice.org Unofficial FAQ v0.2b
A guide to complement the already existing
documentation out there!"



The most active OOo forum with 10.000+
registred users and competent assistance! 

 • •   REGIONAL BOARDS   • •

OpenOffice.org forum in German

OpenOffice.org forum in Danish

 • •    MAC OS X BOARDS    • •  

NeoOffice forum
Online support forum for OpenOffice.org
running on MacOS X with X11.

StarOffice supportforum

StarOffice/StarSuite - General support

StarOffice supportforum

Installation and integration

StarOffice User Group

"StarOffice.com is small portal dedicated to providing free support to StarOffice™ users. Along with free support, we provide our registered users a number of free web tools...".

Sun StarOffice

The official StarOffice homepage with information
on licensing, prices etc.






OpenOffice.Org 1.1 Resource Kit
Written for both beginners and experienced users, this book/CD-ROM tutorial covers basics such as installation, migrating from StarOffice 5.2 to OpenOffice.org 1.1"

Sams Teach Yourself OpenOffice.org All In One

"Make a smooth transition from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice.org 1.1 with this task tutorial, starter kit CD-ROM and step-by-step instruction guide."

OpenOffice.org for Dummies
"Ready to leave your other Office? Open this friendly guide and find out how OpenOffice.org opens up your options!"

"501 Things You Want to Know About Switching OpenOffice.org from Microsoft Office"

Special Edition using StarOffice 6
"The book is suited for beginning/intermediate to advanced office productivity tool users in general"
Read a review of this book at Slashdot.org

Taming OpenOffice.org Writer 1.1
This book is aimed at people who are new or intermediate users of OpenOffice.org Writer and are intermediate or advanced users of Microsoft Word or some other word processing program.

Click here to search Amazon.com
for StarOffice related books

OpenOffice.org Macros Explained

Providing complete and thorough coverage of macro programming in OpenOffice.org, this guide teaches users to create their own macros and to understand their underlying structure.

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