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Introduction (or jump to quick install)

OpenOffice.org (or LibreOffice) is a free full featured office suite that brings together a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation package, a database program and a drawing program. It is available in more than 20 languages with downloadable dictionaries for at least 97 languages! OpenOffice.org is build on a program core used in commercial Sun StarOffice and IBM's Lotus Symphony. OpenOffice.org applications all loads and saves files in the OpenDocument file formats, supported by several software titles. If you would like info about even more great software, then check out my free software section!

OpenOffice Writer. Click for bigger screenshot of Writer


Nice to know about OpenOffice.org (before you install it)

 What is new in OpenOffice.org 3.3.0? (versus what was new in v3.2.1)

 General Differences in use between OpenOffice.org and Microsoft Office


 System requirements for OpenOffice.org 3.3.0 (or for v2.x)


 OpenOffice.org is free to download and keep

 With extensions you can expand OpenOffice.org with new functionality

 Consult the help, FAQ and documentation from the OpenOffice.org site
 like the OOo migration guide or getting started guide


 Everybody loves screenshots

Install, expand and configure OpenOffice.org 3.3 - quick & easy!

Installing OpenOffice.org is easy. You don't have to download all the files below to run OpenOffice.org, but they are highly recommended: Language packs change the language used in the programs and the help, dictionaries are for the spell checker and extensions (similiar to Add-Ons in Firefox) expands OpenOffice.org with new functionality like Alternative Search and Replace, PDF Import or a Report Builder.

 Download OpenOffice.org (150 mb)

 Download templates here, here or here (Install: Tools » Extension manager)
 Available in other languages - click here

   Download language packs (Install: Tools » Extension manager)

 Download dictionaries (Install: Tools » Extension manager)

 Download extensions and expand OpenOffice.org with new functionality

 Install OpenOffice.org perhaps using the installation instructions

 Consult the help, FAQ and documentation from the OpenOffice.org site
 like the OOo migration guide or getting started guide, if needed

 Visit my two pages: Links: tutorials & templates and Links: General

Migrating to OpenOffice.org from MS Office or other office suites

  File compatibility with Microsoft Office: OpenOffice.org can open and
save files in MS Office formats (MS Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003) but:


 Conversion: You can convert all of your existing MS Office
 documents to the OpenOffice.org file formats using the batch
 converter (AutoPilot) tool which can be activated from the file menu.

What is "in the box" ?

OpenOffice.org 3.3 is a complete office package. Get a first impression from the screenshots of OpenOffice.org or read the program descriptions on the official OpenOffice.org website:


 Writer: word processor (screenshot)


 Impress: presentation tool (screenshot)


 Calc: spreadsheet application (screenshot)


 Draw: drawing tool (screenshot)

 Base: database application (screenshot)

 Looking for a PIM/Calendar? Read this and download Mozilla Calendar.


Highlights of OpenOffice.org


 OpenOffice.org is free!

 All components use the ISO certified OASIS OpenDocument file format

 PDF export without the need for any additional third party software


 Flash export (presentations and drawings)


 XML File Filter Tool [screenshot]


 MySQL Integration [screenshot]


 API and File Format Compatible with StarOffice 8


 Translated into at least 25 languages


 More than 97 dictionaries available

OpenOffice.org / StarOffice ?

What is the difference between StarOffice and OpenOffice.org?


 Learn more about the OpenOffice.org license


 Learn more about differences between StarOffice and OpenOffice.org


 Read this feature by feature comparison between the two (PDF)

 Read the FAQ about license and digital rights

Development - what is cooking?

Currently OpenOffice.org 3.4 is under preparation. Click here if you are interested in downloading developer builds (betas).

OpenOffice.org Calc running on Microsoft Windows

These pages should help you understand what OpenOffice.org is all about,
and provide you with links for relevant resources!

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