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Tryk her for at besøge OpenOffice.org!

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Here you can download OpenOffice.org for various platforms. Save time: get inspiration and quick, direct links for

download of dictionaries, language packs and extensions from my quick install list.

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Download OpenOffice.org - please select:
  OpenOffice.org  3.3.0 »  Latest stable release (instructions) (new features)
  OpenOffice.org  3.2.0 Portable »  Run OpenOffice.org from USB keys etc. (Windows)
  OpenOffice.org  3.2.1 »  Aqua support with the native look and feel on Mac OSX (help)
  OpenOffice.org  2.x.x »  X11 support (if your Mac OSX is older than 10.3)
  OpenOffice.org 1.1.5 »  Legacy build
  NeoOffice.org  3.1.1 »  Clone of OpenOffice.org for Mac OSX (read more)
  OpenOffice.org »  Legacy build for Windows 95
  Java  »  Latest version of the Sun Java Runtime Environment


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