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OpenOffice FAQ - frequently asked questions

OOo Writer.x


 How to make my own default template

 How to open MS Word 6.0 documents in OOo and Wordpad

 How to start numbering on page two [Solution] [Tips]


 How to remove a hyperlink


 How to remove vertical lines created automatically by Writer


 How to disable automations like AutoCorrect

   How to insert a page in landscape format
   How to create cross-references between documents
   How to work with master documents in Writer
   How do I open WordPerfect documents in OpenOffice.org?
   Comparision of Writer and Word (how to do common tasks in Writer)
   How to preserve links etc while exporting documents to PDF

 How do I import SVG vector images into OpenOffice.org Writer?
   How to attach buttons to macros
   More FAQ's ...


OOo Calc


OOo Impress


OOo Math


 OOo Draw

 How do I import SVG vector images into OpenOffice.org Draw?

 See OOoAuthors Draw FAQ


OOo Setup



Regional FAQ's:

French OOo FAQ

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